Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting soooo big!

Trey is growing like a weed I tell you! Too fast! Of course I'm glad he's healthy (yes, that means tall and chubby for his age.) But on the other hand Trey stop growing up you're not even a baby anymore! He starting crawling at about 9 months. Now he is 11 months and is taking his first steps. He is so proud of himself and is adventurous for sure. Any day now he is going to be running from me all around the house. Yikes! Let me just list a few of his talents:
1. He can play basketball like a pro. Ok, for an 11 month old that is. He can dunk very well on his mini basketball hoop.
2. His favorite word his "Coco" my parentals dog. He gets so excited when he sees her and when we react to him saying her name.
3. Crawling. He has a special scooter crawl where he leaves his right leg hanging out to the side a lil bit if he's not in a hurry. If he is in a hurry then he can crawl in the correct form if he so chooses.
4. Walking? He's worked up to about 7 steps straight I'd say at this point. He gets so excited!
5. Clapping. He claps for himself when he does his tricks too of course.
6. He's learning to self feed. He's finally figured out that his fingers can in fact put food in his own mouth. Which is good, but also makes me nervous that he's going to find things to choke on.
7. The list could go on and on but his main talent is being ADORABLE. But of course that's coming from his mother goose.

Last weekend we went to St. George and yes it was a lot of fun. We took Trey on a hike in the hiking backpack and he loved it. He loves being outside and seeking adventure of course. He also tried swimming for the first time. He clung to me for dear life at first, but slowly warmed up to it. Especially liked it when some random kids came into the pool and he could yell "AH!" at them ("AH" being his way of saying "Hey look at me!") He LOVES kids, especially his girl cousins that are a little older and can run around and do silly things that he can't yet.

I haven't blogged in a long time so I guess I should mention that we did have a lovely Halloween, Thanksgiving and  Christmas! Maybe next year Trey will be a little bit closer to as excited as I was for him to open his Christmas presents.

Well I guess that's all that's new with us. Oh wait one more minute detail. We're moving to Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in August, becuase Kade got into PA school! Sooo excited!! We shall be there for 2 years and while it may be lonely at times due to lack of family and friends it will be worth it! Wish me luck in making friends, because Kade is probably going to be at school or studying all day every day for the first year of it. Good thing I've got Trey to keep me company!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Loving my Baby, Hating my Skin Cancer

I definitely have a lot to talk about. This may be a little long. The past few months have been amazingly joyful but also I've had a few days of terror. First let me tell you how much I love being a mom. I love waking up to Trey happily talking to himself in the morning. By far the best alarm clock ever invented.. He's such a happy baby these days. His chubby cheeks and little giggles are just too cute to handle! I'm so happy that so far I've been able to be home with him and watch him learn new things every day. I love him more then words can express. That's why when I found out I had melanoma skin cancer, Trey was the first thing that came to my mind.

Sometime between a year and two years ago on a drive home from the gym Kade noticed a dark mole on my thigh. He said, "Is that thing new? It's pretty ugly looking. I think you better get that checked out." I thought to myself "Oh yeah right I've got lots of moles I'm sure that ones been there a while." After all I'm young, skin cancer is something you worry about when  you are your moms age. That's when I'll start wearing goofy hats and staying out of the sun. Not right now while I'm living in tan city St. George in my young adulthood! Over the next year, along with more concerned comments from Kade I noticed that maybe the mole was starting to change. I thought, "I'll get it checked out after I'm done being pregnant."

 So at the beginning of the summer I asked my sister Renee for the phone number to her dermatologist and made an appointment. He was so booked out that I had to wait all summer for my appointment at the end of August. I kept inspecting it was getting a little worried about the noticeable change it was having. At the appointment the nurse practitioner said it looked worrisome and scraped it off as well as two others. They said the biopsy results would take about two weeks to get back. So I went on with life thinking, "I'm sure it's no big deal. Hopefully." They finally called on a Friday morning, but since I rarely receive phone calls these day I didn't have my phone close by me and missed it. So I enjoyed a nice weekend in Logan with Kade's family and anticipated calling first thing Monday morning. I was totally unprepared for the news on the other end. The nurse practitioner said that two of the moles were precancerous and needed to be removed. I thought it was no big deal and was getting ready to wrap up and hang up the phone. Then she said, "And the worst news is, that the one on your leg is melanoma. (silence) So we're gonna need to schedule surgery to get that removed as soon as possible. (silence) Do you know what melanoma is? It's the worst form of skin cancer." I got the largest frog in my throat and could only choke out "Ok." Luckily we were able to schedule the surgery for the next morning.

After I got off the phone my eyes immediately went to Trey playing so blissfully unaware on the floor with his brightly colored toys. My eyes welled up with tears and I thought "I don't want to die. I want to be Trey's mom." The nurse had given my no indication of how serious it was and I immediately thought the worst. How could this be? I'm so young. I just had a baby. How could I have skin cancer and possibly die from this at such a young age? I was absolutely devastated. It was by far the worst day of my life. I'm so used to people helping me out with my problems, but this was something I knew no one could just fix for me. No matter how much I wanted Kade or my mom to make it just go away, I knew there was a possibility this was deadly serious. I cried all day and cuddled with Trey hoping his smile could ease the pain I felt in my heart for the fear of losing my earthly time with him. That night Kade gave me a blessing and I felt at peace knowing that it was in the Lord's hands now.

The next morning Kade, Trey and I went to the doctor's office hoping for the best news possible. And fortunately that's what I heard. The doctor informed me that biopsy indicated that the melanoma was at the earliest stage possible, stage 0. And that the surgery would most likely be able to get all of the melanoma out.  He said, "If you have melanoma, this is the melanoma to have." I went home with 8 stitches and a newer, brighter outlook on life. Why have I been taking life for granted? Expecting to wake up every morning like its just a given. Every day that God gives us is a gift to be with our friends and family. And although I'm not terrified of dying, I am scared of taking for granted all the joys this life has to give. I'm more scared of forgetting God's blessings for me.

Yesterday morning I learned that the biopsy from the surgery indicated that they were able to remove all of the melanoma from my body. I feel such joy knowing that I don't have to worry how many days are numbered of being with my husband and baby.

From this experience I have learned many things. It's not worth it to have a golden tan. It may look good for a few days, but that is irrelevant if you don't have your life anymore. From now on I need to focus on my inside more than my outside. I hope I am able to remember this great lesson and forget not the tender mercies of the Lord. I'm gonna have a long life of getting moles checked and biopsied, because the chances of getting melanoma again are a bit high for me. But, right now I can rejoice in the beautiful world and love all around me.

Take a lesson from Trey. Life is about being happy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maybe I should....

 Maybe I should blog a smidge. After all this is the only form I have of somewhat keeping a journal! And it would be a shame if I didn't remember how amazing the last few months have been! Not a piece of cake that's for sure, but sooo rewarding and joyful! Treyden Lee Sorensen was born on April 29th weighing in at a fairly hefty 8lbs. 6 oz. and a lengthy 21 inches. I had to be induced a week over my due date because Trey (despite my efforts) just didn't want to come out on his own! Labor went pretty well (thanks to the epidural) but then pushing lasted about oh almost 4 hours! No biggie. Sike! It was really frustrating, because I told myself I was gonna pop him out in 5 or 10 minutes but that turned out not to be the case. Oh well, it was a good workout that's for sure!
 The doctor, nurses, Kade and myself were all surprised at how big he was! We had no idea what size he would be and everyone (yes doctor included) guessed he'd be on the smaller side. (I take a little pride in that people thought he'd be small by looking at me to be 100% honest. Not that I'm looking fab by any means these days!) But he is now the complete opposite!! He just had his 2 month check-up and is in the 94th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for weight! He's a 14 pounder chunky monkey! What can I say I am a good cow! Ha classic joke I know, something my mom likes to say.
Being a mom has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I fall more and more in love with him everyday. I know every single mom on the planet thinks their child is cute, but seriously he is so freaking adorable! I can't even handle it sometimes!!! When he was first born we thought he seemed pretty laid back and chill. I think maybe now his true colors are starting to shine in that he is passionate about life! When he's happy he is really happy! Biggest smile, loves to talk, starting to laugh. (Although he does seem to laugh more in his dreams than in real life which makes me wonder what his dreams are and why he likes them more than he likes me!(( right here)) ) When he's mad he is real ticked and not afraid to let you know it!! Then again maybe that's just all babies. Go figure. Guess I'll find out on the next one?
 I'm so happy that we have been blessed to have such an amazing baby boy and I could not love him more or be more grateful that he is happy, healthy and handsome!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby baby baby baby....oh, I'm like.....

HEY! WE'RE HAVING A LITTLE BABY BOY. I'M SO EXCITED! He is due April 22, I am exactly halfway through creating him right now hehe. The pregnancy is going by so fast and I'm sure it will feel like no time before I'm a mommy! For some reason I just knew it was a boy in my womb. I even couldn't help resist buying some boy clothes on black Friday. My gut (probably actually the fetus himself) said, "It's a boy in here." Here's a little pic from the ultrasound This isn't showing his little boy parts, I decided you don't need to see it. You can just trust me that he's a boy. :) It may look like he's flipping you off right now. But he's actually saying "I'm number 1!!"

Here's my 5 month bump! I know its not huge yet, but I'm starting to look pudgtatstic :)

WE'RE SO EXCITED! Keep ya posted.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!! It's taken so long for this day to get here. Tomorrow we shall have a great announcement! YaY!!

That's all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 years of Marriage and a trip to Cali

A couple months ago (June 26th to be exact) Kade and I celebrated our two year anniversary! I can't believe it's already been that long. Time is flying by! It's nice being close to Vegas for a quick getaway. Here we are the Bellagio fountains, not that you can tell, we just look like angels or something.

Last week we went to California with my family! It was so much fun! We already miss it. We rode some intense rides at Knott's berry farm. A few of which I was terrified on! After a few days in Anaheim we moved on down to the beautiful city of San Diego. Here's a few pics of things we did there. We went to the beach, the San Diego Zoo, and visited the beautiful temple. It was so much fun to spend time with family and get a little change of scenery. The funniest/weirdest part of the trip happened at the Zoo, when we caught two large turtles mating. Lets just say those turtles surprised us all! Overall it was a Fabulous Vaca!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mmmm Hmmm!!

Summer again, woot woot! I can't believe that we have lived in St. George a whole year. I think it keeps getting better and better. STG is the best! We've been going boating lately (thanks to some awesome new friends in the ward!!) The first time we went Kade got a little too sunburned though...... poor guy was in pain for a whole week. Kade doesn't like the greasy feel of sunscreen so he opted for a trendy long sleeved shirt the next time we went haha. His new nick name is RomeoI'm not great at wakeboarding, but I really do enjoy it! I haven't done it in years and its so much fun! I'm just really enjoying any fun things we can do together and try to have as much fun as we can this summer! Our 2 year anniversary is this weekend, hopefully we make a fun weekend getaway out of it!
Kade also has found some softball teams to play on and I love when I get to go watch him hit some homeruns!!